As a gun owner, you don’t want your firearms to fall into the wrong hands. So how can you prevent children from accessing your guns without permission, and to prevent burglars from taking off with your firearms to possibly harm others? There are many storage options and ways of locking up a firearm, but by far the most secure is a CMI safe. Buying a CMI safe may not seem like a complicated matter, but there are several aspects that you should keep in mind while shopping for one.

First of all, as a buyer, you need to realize that the purpose of having a CMI safe is to protect guns and other valuables from theft, fires and damages. Therefore, you had better choose one that is fire resistant and burglary resistant. And when it comes to fire rating, you had better make sure you safe should be rated to withstand at least 1200 degrees for at least 30 minutes. If you are not clear about it, you can also start by asking your insurance company what safe ratings they require to provide you with coverage.

Secondly, you should pay your attention to the locking mechanism. It can impact how quickly you can access your guns, whether it is child safe, if it can be opened with power loss and the life of your safe. If you’re afraid someone might try to gain access to your gun safe, you’ll want to make sure the safe has re-locking mechanisms that provide an extra layer of security.

Thirdly, you should also take the price of your CMI safe into account. The price is determined by the size and type of safe you wish to purchase. Therefore, please set a budget by considering your real need.

In short, if you don’t want accidents to happen and you don’t want your guns to fall into the hands of the wrong people, please follow the above tips to get the right CMI safes.


National Rifle Association